Chicken Hot Wing Dust Spice Blend

Chicken Hot Wing Dust Spice Blend Recipe

A versatile dry rub seasoning used for both chicken and pork. It contains hints of spiciness, savouriness, and sweetness. The combination of salt and sugar creates a crunchy chicken skin.

Serves: 20



Cumin Seeds

¼ cup

Granulated Garlic

¼ cup

Mustard Powder

2 tbsps.


½ cup

Chili Powder

¼ cup

Turbinado Sugar

¼ cup

Kosher Salt

¼ cup


2 tbsps.

Black Peppercorns

2 tbsps.


1.     Gather all ingredients, a coffee / spice grinder, and a container such as a mason jar to combine and store the blend.  A mortar and pestle can also get the job done (bonus: free arm workout!)  It is my preference to start with whole spices for the cumin and peppercorns.  Grinding them freshly makes a noticeable improvement.

2.     Grind the cumin seeds, peppercorns and salt to a fine texture in the spice grinder.  Watch out for the salt, it will be a bit dusty.

3.     Put all ingredients into the container.

4.     Stir or shake gently to combine ingredients.


Tom posted June 9, 2014


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