Maple Garlic Pepper Rub

Maple Garlic Pepper Rub

This is a spice specifically designed to infuse a maple flavour into chicken or pork to boost the flavour profile. The sweet, salty, peppery, and garlicky nature of this rub with have you taste buds screaming for more.

Servings: Varies



Pure Maple Sugar

½ cup

Kosher Salt

2 tbsps.

Granulated Garlic

1 tbsp.

Cracked or Coarsely Ground Black Pepper

1 tbsp.


1.     Mix all ingredients together and store in a cool, dark place in an airtight jar.

Cook’s Notes

2.     For optimal flavour, keep this rub in a tightly lidded jar in a cool, dark place up to 6 months.

3.     Unless you have a very thin cutlet of meat you’re rubbing and cooking, you will not want to cook things rubbed with this over super high heat. The sugar content is such that it may scorch. It does very well as a rub for items to be braised, slow roasted, or grilled over indirect or low heat/coals.


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